RS Agarwal Books for Bank PO, MBA and other Exams

Dr R.S Aggarwal is a renowned author and academician helping lacs of students through his illuminating books for Bank PO, MBA and other competitive exams. Born in Delhi, RS Agarwal graduated from Kirorimal College in Delhi and became a post-graduate in Mathematics in 1969. Dr RS Agarwal has authored more than 75 books for students ranging from nursery to post-graduate students. Such is the depth and extent of RS Agarwal’s works. Here we discuss the most popular books by RS Agarwal including Quantitative Aptitude that has been a best selling book for years.

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is the most well-known and best selling book by RS Agarwal. This book is a Bible for students appearing for exams like Bank PO, CET, CAT, SSC, UPSC and other competitive exams. Quantitative Aptitude contains methods, tips and practice questions for almost all type of problems asked in any competitive exam in India. Be it LCM, decimal fractions, motion, trains, clocks, logic, permutations and combinations, data interpretation etc you will discover easy to understand methods of solving such type of problems.

RS Agarwal has also included previous years questions asked in different entrance exams for your reference. There are hundreds of practice questions at the end of each topic so you get adequate practice. The questions are followed by detailed solutions listing the important steps used to solve the question. Quantitative Aptitude is a must read book for every student appearing for any entrance exam in India that asks questions related to mathematics and data interpretation.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal

Verbal and non-verbal questions are regularly asked in CET, Bank PO, SSC, UPSC and other exams. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal will surely help students in understanding topics like series completion, mathematical operations, verification of truth of the statement, arithmetic reasoning, cause and effect reasoning, deriving conclusion from passages, analytical reasoning and much more.

Just like Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning contains numerous solved and unsolved practice questions. Model practice question papers are also included for students wanting to perfect themselves through mock tests before attempting the actual paper.


A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by RS Agarwal

Logical reasoning questions are asked more often in competitive exams like civil services and others to test the candidates thinking and decision making ability. No wonder you can no longer leave such questions to luck and chance. Logical Reasoning by RS Agarwal covers all aspects of logical reasoning such as:

  • Logic
  • Statement – Arguments
  • Statement Assumptions
  • Statement Courses of Action
  • Statement Conclusions
  • Deriving Conclusions From Passages
  • Theme Detection
  • Cause and Effect Reasoning

Logical Reasoning explains the above topics using a simple and reader friendly language. There are many practice questions and tests included so you can gain adequate practice and confidence before the exams.

Objective General English by RS Agarwal

English language, grammar and comprehension are important topics in any entrance exam. Candidates who do well in other topics but not so in English related questions often fail to find success in these exams. RS Agarwal has come out with yet another useful book on Objective General English to help candidates prepare for various competitive exams.

Objective General English covers the following topics: Vocabulary usage, Comprehension ability, Selecting words/phrases, Error detection, Rearrangement, General usage. As you can see all topics of relevance for English grammar related questions are covered in this useful book by RS Agarwal.

A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal

Verbal reasoning is yet another important topic in competitive exams and RS Agarwal has come out with the book Verbal Reasoning to help students in this regard. The book is divided into two parts: General mental ability and Logical deduction. All the common and not so common question types like family tree, relations, puzzles, situational analysis etc are covered in the book.

The language used in Verbal Reasoning is simple and reader friendly. In fact this is trademark of all books by RS Agarwal where he ensure that students from non-Science and non-English backgrounds are able to grasp the fundamentals required to tackle any topic.
These are the most popular and important books published by RS Agarwal of relevance to students appearing from various entrance exams. Although there are a few more books by RS Agarwal like Objective General English and so on I feel there are better alternatives available but not for the books mentioned here.

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